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The delegate of Wang Yunxiu, deputy director of NPC standing committee in Jilin Province, visited Guangyang Shares for visit and observation

Number of visits: Date:2018/5/21 14:34:28

The delegate of 9 leaders covering Wang Yunxiu, deputy director of NPC standing committee in Jilin, Zhao Yazhong, vice chairman in Jilin NPC Financial and Economic Committee and member in working committee, Li Jingtao, member in standing committee of the National People’s Congress and member of finance and trade and two leaders including Wang Chenxi, deputy director in NPC Financial and Economic Committee in Jiangsu Province, landed Guangyang Shares for observation and guidance, carried out field-observation on Hub Division Sector and Intermediary Business Division in Guangyang Shares and learned about the production and test progress of the third bearing product and synchronizer checking ring. Wang Jiangang, Huang Xinghua and Shenxia, General Managers of the Company, Bai Riqing, consultant of science and technology project, Chen Hanbiao, manager of project development department and so forth escorted them all along for visit and narration.

In the Business Division of Hub of the company and the production spot of the intermediary business division, the observation team of NPC in Jilin watched and traveled around and listened to the company principal’s introduction on the company’s production and development status.

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